What’s SadaPay? All that You Need to Know About It

SadaPay is a secure and intelligent online money management platform designed to simplify local and international payment operations in Pakistan.

It’s a digital wallet that enables you to establish an account using the app and get a real card without having to pay any registration costs.

Let’s take a closer look at SadaPay.

What is SadaPay?

SadaPay, like Jazz Cash and EasyPaisa, is a new payment gateway in Pakistan that may help you with your online company, freelancing, and e-commerce by enabling you to pay and receive money through a card. The greatest part is that it accepts international payments with no transaction fees. You no longer need to be concerned about online purchasing or joining up for Netflix, Amazon, and Scribd since it effectively eliminates all payment difficulties by simplifying the digital payment procedure. Not only may you spend and transfer money, but you can also withdraw cash for free.

The objective of ‘Sada,’ as the name suggests, is to make money management simple and quick. This is a huge advantage for freelancers in Pakistan, who are often moaning about the lack of payment channels in the country.

You’re probably wondering why they’re providing such useful services for free.

Because they do not have physical branches like conventional banks, the savings are passed on to their consumers in the form of SadaPay No Fee. Their sole source of revenue is 1.5 percent of the entire value of overseas transactions made using the card. For the time being, they are simply concerned with making digital payments easier in Pakistan so that our nation may acquire a competitive advantage in freelancing.

Brandon Timinsky, the owner of SadaPay, believes that if Pakistan can overcome its financial challenges, it may be a game-changer in the freelancing business and play a significant part in strengthening the country’s economy.

He has been collaborating with the State Bank of Pakistan to establish a zero-fee paradigm for international payments.

SadaPay Account Can Help You Save

1. Prolonged Registration Procedure

You only need to follow 3 steps and you’re done with the registration process. No paperwork and no more waiting in the queue to open your account.

1.Β  Sign Up from your phone with a selfie

2. Upload a photo of your CNIC

3. Add the Basic information

4. Registered Successfully

2. Additional Charges

Nowadays, whether you use your debit card to shop or take money from your account, certain fees are always applied to the transaction. SadaPay, on the other hand, is free of charge for online purchasing, transactions, and withdrawals.

The cash withdrawal fee is only charged the fourth time you take money from an ATM. Unless your transfer exceeds 10,000Β there is no transaction charge.

3. Payment Difficulties

When you want to buy a Netflix or Scribd membership nowadays, you have to contact banking assistance to authorize your online banking and go through a lengthy procedure. However, using SadaPay, you can avoid these inconveniences and send money quickly. And there are no longer any hidden fees for the services.

Bank of Punjab and SadaPay Have Joined Forces to Promote Pakistan’s Digital Payment Ecosystem

Team SadaPay joins up with the Bank of Punjab (BoP) for payment security and the settlement of local and international transactions to minimize the complications of online money in Pakistan. BoP has over 2 million customers and is aggressively working to build the digital payment ecosystem in Pakistan. Their collaboration with SadaPay will be a significant step forward in FinTech innovation, as well as provide chances for freelancers and students who earn their money through home-based work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SadaPay cost-free?

It is, in fact, totally free. In addition to paying no fees for online purchases and transactions, you are also entitled to three free withdrawals of cash every month from nearby ATMs. As long as they don’t exceed 10,000Β local transactions are similarly free, and foreign exchange fees are just 1.5 percent.

Can I buy SadaPay online?

Sadapay allows you to purchase online. They’ve also partnered with Mastercard, so you can now acquire a free Mastercard debit card. SadaPay Mastercard may be used for e-commerce, point-of-sale (POS), and ATM transactions.

Is the Sadapay debit card free of charge?

It is, indeed.

Concerned about safety?

When it comes to new services, security is the most important consideration, particularly when it comes to online payments. But you may rest easy with SadaPay since they secure your money with data encryption technologies and a best-in-class data fraud detection system. Furthermore, they are subject to the State Bank of Pakistan’s EMI (Electronic Money Institution) laws. If your card is stolen or lost, you may use the app to lock it. SadaPay is also registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan as Sada Tech Pvt Ltd.

Apart from that, SadaPay allows you to receive international remittances from 45 countries using services such as Payoneer, Moneygram, Western Union, and others. It offers all the strategies you need to make your remote tasks a breeze. That is why the freelance community is looking forward to its introduction.


And one more thing!

The card’s stylish appearance will add to the enjoyment of your banking experience. It’s basic, yet it contains all of the functionality you’d expect from a modern-day product. So, with SadaPay, you get the striking design of your card as well as superior banking. You may also use the app to follow your card’s real-time changes.

SadaPay’s characteristics and operations seem to be promising and innovative for Pakistan’s digital business. If all of this is true, the Pakistani economy will benefit greatly from FinTech innovation.

But competition will be tight for their team, as NayaPay, Sim Sim, JazzCash, and EasyPaisa are already among the customer’s top choices.



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